Since the official edition of Windows 11 was released, Microsoft has spared no effort to promote it.

Even some old users of Windows 7 may have recently received a notification to update to Windows 11.

However, although Windows 11 has a better operating experience than previous systems, it has a small problem.

That is, it no longer supports IE browser.

I have created a widget that can enable the IE, which can easily open IE.

It is suitable for users who need to run business systems on IE.

After all, there will be some compatibility problems when using the Edge or other browers.

There are 2 programs.

  • XJEnableIE11ForWindows11.exe - Backup and fix Ieframe.dll
  • XJIE114Win11Pro.exe - No need to modify any system files

Here are screenshots.

English Version:

Japanese Version:

Chinese Version:

It should be noted that the programs are not everything and occasionally may fail.

In addition, before applying the Windows update every time, be sure to restore the IE enabling function, and then enable it again after the update is completed, otherwise it may fail.

This is paid software, no refund no invoice, after using Paypal to pay, it will automatically send the software or download link to you.

XJEnableIE11ForWindows11 | 19.9 USD

I'm a newbie of Paypal.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please send me an email.

Thank you very much!

John Jia /



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